Software Programs To Enhance Your Brain

software-technology-for-brainDo you often find yourself trying to remember things from your life and failing? Do you need to learn a lot of facts or details in your job and never seem to be able to remember everything completely? Or maybe you simply want to be able to concentrate on a project for longer than fifteen minutes. If any of this is familiar to you, it is time to boost your cognition and improve your memory. Technology allows us new methods of brain stimulation and memory tools. You no longer need to resort to creating paper flash cards and quizzing yourself hourly. You can use your computer and technology in general to help improve your memory.

One software program that can help boost your memory is SuperMemo. SuperMemo is a database of material you need to learn. You can either create your own database of information to learn or use a pre-created database. During a review session, SuperMemo quizzes you on the material in its database and tracks your responses. Then, depending on the goals you set for yourself in SuperMemo, the program creates the ideal review program for the material you need to learn.

You will not spend time reviewing information you already know because SuperMemo tracks the information you already knows and helps you to focus on the facts and information you still need to learn. Psychologists believe that improving your memory requires repeatedly study and SuperMemo is able to help you study efficiently.

If you are trying to boost your memory to help learn unfamiliar items, you may want to create a mnemonic device. Mnemonic devices associate lists of items with other words or acronyms. Mnemonic devices are can be either silly new sentences or entire stories and usually devising the mnemonic terms is hard if your brain is not working at its full capacity. To aid in creating a mnemonic device, there are many programs available on the internet that can help you. One such website is The Mnemonicizer which can help you build the best mnemonic device for the information you are trying to learn. The sillier the mnemonic saying you create, the easier it will be to remember the information for the long term so if you are stuck on a list of material you need to learn quickly, give the mnemonic device a try.

Improving your cognition increases not only your ability to remember items you have learned or been exposed to but your ability to think and communicate as well. The human brain starts to slow down as we age and there is evidence that this slowing begins as early as age 30. By playing simple brain games we can halt this brain slowdown and in many cases actually speed our brains up again. Lumosity is a brain training program that has been developed to be fun and engaging while allowing our brains to be challenged and worked.

The Lumosity program is a scientifically designed brain training process. This program contains many different computer games designed to be entertaining and brain stimulating at the same time. After you being to play the brain games available through Lumosity, you will discover that not only are you able to concentrate better and think in a clear and concise manner but you actually feel better emotionally and physically.

Even when you do not have time to spend on a brain game or quizzing yourself with SuperMemo, you can still use technology to boost your cognition. Sometimes our brains may either not know or forget how to create the brain waves necessary for learning and concentration. Remember, our brains start to slow down around the age of 30 and part of this slow down may be forgetting how to create certain brain wave patterns.

A brain enhancement CD is designed to stimulate your brain to create brain wave patterns similar to the patterns found in highly intelligent and over-achieving individuals. Do not worry, this will not hurt, all you need to do is listen to the CD containing music and sounds while studying, reading, or performing tasks that need increased concentration. You can even incorporate the sounds into your own music playlists and into some music streamed from the internet which will allow you to listen to the music you enjoy and improve your cognition at the same time.

Whatever process or program you decide to use in order to boost your cognition, you do need to change your process periodically in order to re-stimulate your brain and to avoid muscle memory. If you constantly perform the same learning process again and again, you take the chance on memorizing the process which will stop the process of brain stimulation necessary to boost your cognition. Keep boosting your cognition and you will soon discover that not only are you able to remember items better but you will have a better outlook on life in general.

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