Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is as simple as my guidelines on how to make use of my website. To clearly state, I do not use or share any of your personal information with any third party service.

What You Share Stays Here

You have agreed to share with me data that I can use to evaluate the traffic of my website. In return, I want to guarantee you that what you share here on my website, stays here. None of your data will ever be released to any third party service. I will make sure to safeguard your data.

Various Data

My website is able to gather various data from you. One vital information you share on my website is your IP address. Your IP address indicates exactly what computer you are using to access my website.

This piece of vital information is made available because of the cookies. Websites make use of cookies to be able to access various data about their users. Since IP addresses are stored in cookies, websites are able to obtain them as well.

Through your continued use of my website, you share with me your IP address. Your name and email address are shared when you share your thoughts on my website.

What I Do With Them

I only use the data you share with me when I need to study the traffic of my website. Other than that, I really do not use any of the data you share on my website. Even if I am able to have a database of names and email addresses, I do not use any of those data. I don’t even send any emails to my visitors. I only send emails if my visitors require me to. I don’t like receiving junk myself so as a website owner and administrator, I wouldn’t send them myself.

I Value Your Trust

I value your trust. You have agreed to share some of you data. In return, I am ensuring you that I will never allow your data to be taken out of my website. It’s simple. What you share here; stays here. That is how much I value your trust.