Why I Am A Fan Of Carbonite Online Backup

carbonite-backup-technologyHaving been with Carbonite for the past five years, I can proudly say that I’m a full-fledged Carbonista. Yes, all my files are backed up by Carbonite. I’ve never had to worry about losing my files. For the last five years, I’ve relied on Carbonite to back up all my computer files online.

Online Backup In Simple Terms

The first time I heard about online backup, I thought it was something out of my league. I really didn’t know much about computers (not that I know anything them now).

But I soon found out that online backup was something I needed badly. The mere fact that I didn’t know much about computers was precisely the reason why I needed an online backup service. I had to protect all my computer files and having an online backup service was the only way to do it.

So what sounded too techie for me was actually the one thing I needed to protect all my computer files. I did my own research about online backup and learned that it was actually a very simple process. Basically, an online backup service backs up all the computer files online. So long as there’s internet connection, all the files on the computer are backed up. For someone that knows nothing about computers, backing up online is the only way to go.

What To Consider In Choosing An Online Backup Service Provider

I did come across a lot of online backup service providers. Some were very expensive, at same time, some were even free. For someone that had zero knowledge on techy stuff, I was really tempted to go for the free online backup service. I thought to myself, why should I pay for something when there’s a free service? But since I’ve always been pragmatic about things, I was just not too confident in backing up all my important files online for free. I mean, what were the chances of someone hacking my free online backup account? How safe could my files be online? So safety was my first and foremost concern in backing up online.

The second thing I considered was, of course, the cost of the service. While I wasn’t exactly crazy about the free online backup service, I sure wasn’t going to spend a lot on some expensive online backup service.

Another thing I considered was the ease-of-use. Could I actually manage to handle it? For someone very ignorant on techie stuff, could I actually handle an online backup service? These were my concerns in choosing the right online backup service.

Then Came Carbonite

Luckily I came across Carbonite. The first thing that struck me about Carbonite was the fixed rate. The particular Carbonite plan that suited me well was offered at a fixed rate. So I thought to myself, here was an online backup service that I could actually afford. I could actually “own” a space on the internet to protect all my computer files.

So in terms of safety, Carbonite has everything covered. According to Carbonite resource site r-fate.com, Carbonite encrypts all the computer files before backing them up online. Also, Carbonite guarantees that all the computer files are transmitted and stored securely online. That really made me feel protected.

The minute I gave Carbonite a try, I found out immediately how easy it was to use it. I hardly did anything to get it into my computer. Carbonite was literally just a couple of clicks away from me. It was that easy to get it into my computer. By the way, in case you decide to get Carbonite, let me remind to first get hold of any offer code on Carbonite so that you can save yourself some money. If you own a business, Carbonite also has a business offer code that you can use to get a discount for your business.

Having been with Carbonite for the past five years only proves the fact that it’s an easy online backup service to handle. For the past five years, all my computer files have been automatically backed up online. This is because I have my Carbonite setting on automatic. I really think that Carbonite is the best online backup service for folks like me that have no knowledge whatsoever on technology.

It has been five years since I signed up for Carbonite. To this day, I’m still a very satisfied Carbonista and will definitely be one for a very long time.

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