Computer Driven Products That Can Change The World

computer-techAdvances in technology happen every day. People constantly create new methods of using technology and new ideas on what technology should be. We find that often these advances do little to improve our lives. Who really needs a plastic container that will cook your pasta when you add hot water? But sometimes you hear about and advancing technology and can not wait for the final product to hit the market, sure some of the items we are waiting for may never happen but we like to hold out hope and keep waiting.

Computers are constantly changing. Even if you purchase the greatest computer available today chances are next week a better computer will be released. We are really excited to be waiting for our new Linux smart phone/internet tablet. This smart phone will combine the best aspects of a smart phone with the flexibility of an internet tablet. Want to take pictures? Carry your phone and use the 5MP built in camera. Then you can automatically upload the photos to your favorite photo sharing site or email to your friends.

If you want to take a video instead of photos, you can do that with the HD video capabilities and even play the vide back through the mini projector. Of course many of the standard smartphone features we all rely on daily are standard with this phone, built in wifi (got it), 3G internet speeds (got it), bluetooth for communication and file sharing (got it). This new smartphone/internet tablet will be with us constantly every day and we can not wait.

Another piece of computer technology that we cannot wait for is the Wii headgear. With the 3D Wii headgear we will be able to completely enter the virtual world of Zelda. Think about the hours of fun available to us with this new headgear. We can play our favorite games and experience somatosensory stimulation. Before the release of the Wii headgear, Mario is nothing but a two-demensional character on our television screen. After the release of the Wii headgear, we become Mario and start our own adventures.

Our third piece of technology that we cannot wait for is advanced 3D printers that contain open source hardware. Imagine the possibilities of 3D printing. You will be able to print 3D pictures of your family or build a model of your own home by using a printer. Once these printers begin to use open source hardware, the price of the printer will begin to fall and soon will be affordable for everyone. Technology will get us to 3D printing soon and even if it seems far fetched think about some of the other forms of technology that were once thought of as science-fiction but now are reality.

The ability to create a diamond was once the private domain of Mother Earth, but now diamonds can be created in a lab. Once large scale synthetic materials fabrication starts to become standard in our factories around the world, we may find that the demands we place on natural resources are reduced. We will be able to reduce our demands on the natural resources of the earth when Maglev Intercity Train systems begin to be installed in cities around the world. These magnetic levitation systems will change the way people get to from one point to another and they can even take us to space.

But while we wait for the Maglev Intercity Train network, we will settle for a high speed, long distance electric car that had rapid transit hookups. Again, think about the amount of gas we can save when these high speed electric cars are released for sale. But if cars and trains are not your preferred mode of transportation, why not wait with us for our jet wings. In 2006, Yves Rossy created his own jet wings and flew over the Swiss Alps. We are still waiting for word on wether or not Rossy will ever bring his jet pack to market but he does have sponsors and many people can not wait for this new form of transportation to take off.

We are also excited about the Space Elevator. This elevator is being built and will be a gateway to space with a simple elevator and cable system. While the exact design is still being worked out, people go to their job every day and work on the space elevator. We will be there when it opens because the space elevator is one of the products that we cannot wait for.

Mobile medical units are designed to help in medical situations where there is a lack of doctors or to speed up the diagnosis and healing process. Using technology, you will be able to place a mobile medical diagnosis unit on your injury and receive information on how to treat the wound or infection. Of course, there will always be a need for doctors but technology will keep up the medical field and provide methods to aid in treating larger amounts of people quickly.

Finally, the last product that we cannot wait for is going to help with our household bills and expenses. Closed water systems are providing an Earth friendly form of water collection and processing that any homeowner can install and use and our own electricity generation is not far behind. No longer will a home owner be forced to connect to the city water supply or pay the high cost for electricity charged by the providers. We will be able to take our homes back and provide the water and electricity we need ourselves.

No matter when these products become available for sale and use, we know we will be in line to purchase. The technologies that are being built upon will change our lives forever. No longer will people wonder how technology can fit into their lives because when these ten products are available for purchase, people will wonder how they ever lived without. We cannot wait for the next technology release, how about you?

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